How to Control Nephrotic Syndrome from Relapse

2017-09-12 14:49

How to Control Nephrotic Syndrome from Relapse,Micro-chinese medicine osmotherapyNephrotic Syndrome easily occurs when kidney filtration functions are damaged, which may allow protein leak out into urine, forming Proteinuria. How to control Nephrotic Syndrome from relapse?

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To have a good control for Nephrotic Syndrome, various medications may be prescribed. Among them, iron supplement is also necessary.

If you have nausea, vomiting, and poor appitite, it is likely for you to suffer from iron deficiency because those symptoms can affect the absorption of iron. In addition, blood urea nitrogen and other toxins will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract to increase peptic ulcer or gastritis which affect the absorption of iron too. What is more, iron supplement also can improve anemia.

Note: When and how many iron supplement you take should follow your doctor’s guidance.

Here we recommend a systematic Chinese medicine treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Maikang Mixture, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, etc.

They can treat Nephrotic Syndrome to repair the damaged kidney filtration function and improve renal function from the root to control its relapse. The TCM treatments can dilate blood vessels, remove stasis to improve blood circulation, expel toxins and wastes out of the body, provide nutrients and oxygen to kidney. What is more, the Chinese medicines can increase your immunity to fight against the disease to control its relapse as well.

Repairing kidney damage and improving renal function is the most underlying method to control Nephrotic Syndrome relapse. If you are interested in Chinese medicine treatments, please leave a message below or send medical reports and phone number to us. We will give personalized suggestions to you.


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