Advantages Of TCM In Treating Nephrotic Syndrome

2018-10-14 13:35

Nephrotic Syndrome,TCM1. Degradation. It can enhance the activity of lysosome and accelerate the degradation of a large number of proliferative and proliferative extracellular matrix, thus making room and conditions for the repair of renal intrinsic cells.

2. Anticoagulation and anti thrombosis. The emergence of inflammatory lesions, will inevitably lead to increased platelet activity, so that blood thrombosis of different degrees, thus accelerating renal ischemia, hypoxia, micronization of Chinese herbal active substances have a strong anticoagulant effect.

3. Expand blood vessels. Expansion of renal arteries at all levels, improving renal ischemia and hypoxia, to curb the development of renal fibrosis source.

4. Anti-inflammatory effect. A large number of inflammatory factors and nephrotoxic factors accelerate the process of renal fibrosis, accelerate the damage of renal intrinsic cells, in order to solve the various inflammatory reactions caused by this, to prevent further damage of renal intrinsic cells.

After the introduction of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, many patients have adopted such treatment, after a period of time, urinary protein significantly reduced, edema significantly disappeared, normal renal function indicators.

Some patients who use western medicine also gradually began to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat nephrotic syndrome, because the side effects of Western medicine treatment of nephrotic syndrome is obvious, and the effect is easy to rebound, while traditional Chinese medicine treatment although the drug is more troublesome, but can be radical cure, the recurrence rate is relatively small, this is the majority of patients with nephrotic disease like to use traditional Chinese medicine. Causes of kidney disease.

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