Effective Therapies to Treat or Control the Nephrotic Syndrome

2018-06-07 11:11

NS,Nephrotic Syndrome,Effective TherapiesNS(Nephrotic Syndrome), mainly showed as the increased permeability of glomerular basement membrane and the reduced GFR. Renal disease is one of the most difficult illnesses to cure.What's more,the the complexity and severity of Nephrotic Syndrome increase the difficulty to treat it completely in modern society.Here are several common or distinctive and effective therapies to treat or control the NS.

1.General treatment

When patients suffer from severe edema or hypoproteinemia,they need to stay in bed or enough rest to relieve the symptoms.If the general conditions are better,patients can take proper exercise to increase their body resistance.To take the high-quality protein diet and limit the intake of water and salt are good for patients condition.

2.Drug therapy

Western medicine are used to treat or control the specific symptoms timely and effectively.

Various diuretic is used to reduce the edema and increase the urine output as far as possible.The decline of salt and water in body will relieve the level of edema and can also lighten the renal burden,ease the renal symptoms.Such as ACEI and ARB play an important role in controlling and reducing the renal damage.

3.Dialysis and renal transplant

In later stage in NS,The only using of drug can noy treat the renal disease and the renal damage may be worse and worse and deteriorate into ESRF.In this case,dialysis will do a lot to controlling the NS.Eliminate the overmuch water,metabolite and waste to keep the whole body system in balance.Moreover,renal transplant also are a good way to treat the NS besides its difficulty and high cost.However,as the advanced substitution therapy,there are many serious side-affects that may worsen even lead to death to patients.

4.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a kind of TCM therapy that uses the natural herb to remedy the NS effectively.Compared with Western Medicine,it reduces many severe effects and relieve the symptoms as far as possible.What's more,it can also ease the pain and prolong the life-pan of patients largely.In addition,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy makes big difference to controlling and delay the disease process.


Except the necessary drug therapy,keeping a healthy diet is important to limit the disease process.Control the intake of salt,water and fat and offer the high quality protein,vegetables and fruits to increase the body resistance of patients.

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