What Therapy Is Recommended to Remit Legs Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-12-20 17:40

What Therapy Is Recommended to Remit Legs Edema in Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome is a warning that something is damaging your kidneys. Without treatment, that problem could cause Kidney Failure. So it’s very important to get treatment right away. What therapy is recommended to remit legs edema in Nephrotic Syndrome?

In general, Nephritic Syndrome is not a independent kidney disease but a group of kidney disorders, which is characterized by edema, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, and hyperlipidemia. Edema in legs is one of the common symptoms.

What are the causes of edema in legs?

The occurrence of edema is the result of water retention in the body. In normal case, the kidneys filter excess water from the body effectively, but as kidneys are damaged due to some factors, they fail to filter water properly. As a result, excess water retains and deposits in the space of tissues.

The damaged glomeruli can cause protein leakage. Protein leakage can contribute to the change of plasma colloid osmotic pressure. Then edema occurs in legs, feet, face, etc. Besides, too much sodium intake will also cause water retention.

What therapy is recommended to remit legs edema in Nephrotic Syndrome?

1. It is necessary to control salt intake in daily life to reduce fluid retention.

2. If the edema is very serious, diuretic and high blood pressure drugs can be used to increase urine output and reduce protein leakage, remitting edema in short term.

3. The most root of treatment is focusing on repairing these damaged glomeruli and inherent cells radically, thus protein leakage and water retention can be remitted from the root. In this way, edema in legs would disappear naturally and radically without relapse.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, an innovation of TCM, can help Nephrotic Syndrome patients repair kidney glomeruli and renal tubules as well as improve some of renal function. It is an external application therapy and has been proven to be able to remit edema in legs from the root.

If you are curious about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to remit edema, proteinuria, and hematuria in Nephrotic Syndrome from the root, please leave a message below or send medical reports and phone number to huaxiainstitute@hotmail.com or click ONLINE DOCTOR for free information.

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