Toxin-Removing Treatment for Abundant Proteinuria, Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-07-28 17:20

Toxin-Removing Treatment for Abundant Proteinuria, Nephrotic SyndromeMore and more patients who have Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) complain that is there any permanent solution for abundant Proteinuria. Proteinuria is one of common symptoms of NS. What treatment can help treat abundant proteinuria permanently?

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Cause of abundant proteinuria in NS

In Nephrotic Syndrome, the kidney tissues and kidney intrinsic cells are damaged that cause kidney filtration function decline. The glomeruli can not keep protein in the body effectively, large amount of protein leak out in urine.

All in all, before treating abundant proteinuria in NS, you must know clearly about its cause and then treat it from the root.

What treatment can help treat abundant proteinuria permanently?

If you want to treat protein leakage, you need to treat kidney lesion. Here Toxin-Removing Treatment is recommended. It is a systematic therapy that contains a series of natural TCM therapies like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. They can repair injured kidney tissues effectively. Actually, when kidney damage is repaired and kidney function is improved, not only deal with proteinuria from the root, but also relieve other symptoms like swelling, High Creatinine Level, etc.

In order to improve the medication efficiency, our renal expert will hold consultation at any time for patients to make treatment plan. That is why the patients are required to come to our hospital in person.

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