How to Reduce Proteinuria for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

2017-03-19 16:54

How to Reduce Proteinuria for Nephrotic Syndrome PatientsProteinuria is one common symptom of Nephrotic Syndrome. If you have the same disease, there must appear protein in your urine. Well then, how to reduce proteinuria for Nephrotic Syndrome patients?

First, why proteinuria appears in Nephrotic Syndrome?

Generally speaking, 24 hours protein lost from urine is less than 150mg and such a mount of protein can not be detected with routine urine test. That is why we normally say there should not be protein in our urine.

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder caused by increased permeability of glomerular filtration membrane. This filtration membrane has charge barrier and mechanical barrier, which can stop protein from leaking into urine. But, in Nephrotic Syndrome, this filtration membrane is damaged and can not function properly. In this case, when protein flows through it, they leak into urine and get out of our body finally.

How to reduce proteinuria for Nephrotic Syndrome patients?

If you want to reduce proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome, what we should do is to repair damaged kidney tissues, like filtration membrane.

Differs from other countries, in China, we treat Nephrotic Syndrome and its symptoms from the root except steroid treatment. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created to repair damaged glomerular filtration membrane. This herbal treatment is a great innovation of TCM and so far has been successfully used to treat patients from around 148 countries by the end of 2016. In this way, not only proteinuria problem, but also other related problems can be solved fundamentally. What is more, this therapy is healthy for patients so they do not worry about the side effects.

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