Basic Prevention and Prognosis of Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-03-30 18:17

Basic Prevention and Prognosis of Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome (NS) describes a condition in which the kidneys leak large and abnormal amounts of protein into the urine. Well, large amount of proteinuria will cause swelling that is why some patients suffer from swelling. Prompt and effective measures should be taken.

Effective Prognosis

Minimal Change Disease has the best prognosis of all the kidney disorders, with 90% of all patients responding to the treatment. Other types of kidney diseases have less favorable outcomes and they cannot be cured. In these cases, the kidneys may gradually lose their ability to filter wastes and extra water from the blood. If it develops to Kidney Failure, the patient will need Dialysis or Kidney Transplant.

How about the prevention of NS?

Avoiding or controlling other diseases that can contribute to kidney disease can sometimes prevent Nephrotic Syndrome effectively.

For example, keep the blood pressure at less than 125/75mmHg with drugs called angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, diet, and exercises; Diabetics should have a strict blood glucose level control; Quit smoking or using other tobacco products; Avoid alcoholic beverages that increase urine output and increase dehydration; Stop working outdoors or exercising at the first sign of dizziness, lightheadness, or fatigue; Avoid medicines that may harm the kidney; Prevent heart disease and stroke by lifestyle changes-eating a low-fat diet, quitting smoking, and doing regular physical activities.

All in all, keeping healthy life style and habits are essential for patients. Timely and effective treatment also is necessary. For Nephrotic Syndrome, especially for the stubborn swelling and intractable proteinuria, Toxin-Removing Therapy is helpful.

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