What Are The Diagnostic Criteria For Nephrotic Syndrome

2018-08-29 16:01

Nephrotic Syndrome,Diagnostic CriteriaWhat are the diagnostic criteria for Nephrotic Syndrome? When we examine the health of the body there are often some diagnostic criteria, so for the disease of nephrotic syndrome is the same, there are many diagnostic criteria in the diagnosis, these diagnostic criteria let us better diagnose nephrotic syndrome, so the following Let's look at the diagnostic criteria of nephrotic syndrome in detail.

1. nephrotic syndrome

A large amount of proteinuria 3+, 24 hours 0.1g/kg or 3G, lasted for 2 weeks.

plasma albumin 5.7mmol/L;

Edema can be light and heavy.

2. Primary nephrotic syndrome is excluded from the nephrotic syndrome manifestations secondary to systemic diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, allergic purpura or clinically diagnosed nephritis such as post-streptococcal nephritis and acute nephritis.

Nephritis nephropathy

(1) Urine test red blood cells within 10 weeks of HP2 more than 3 times of centrifuge examination;

(2) Repeated hypertension, 17.33/12.00 kPa in school-age children, 16.00/10.67 kPa in preschool children, excluding hormone-induced hypertension.

(3) persistent azemia, BUN10.7mmol/L, except for those with insufficient blood volume.

Blood complement C3 decreased repeatedly. The above 1 items are nephritis nephropathy.

Simple nephropathy was divided into complete effect sensitive to hormone, partial effect sensitive to hormone, and ineffective response insensitive to hormone. It is generally known as refractory nephropathy for hormone resistance, dependence or relapse.

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