How to Treat Membranous Nephropathy with Protein in Urine

2017-07-06 10:29

How to Treat Membranous Nephropathy with Protein in Urine,Toxin-Removing TreatmentD: Welcome to consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free, are you the kidney disease patient?

P: Yes, I have Membranous Nephropathy.

D: Then, do you have any symptoms, like back pain, swelling, protein or blood in urine?

P: Protein in urine. No other symptoms. Age 35 years. What treatment do you have for my illness condition?

D: Ok, I see. Don’t worry, I can help you.

We use Toxin-Removing Treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine for Kidney Disease from the root. Because they can not only cleanse the blood effectively to provide healthy internal environment but also repair the damaged kidney function through preventing inflammation, glomeruli fibrosis, and glomeruli proliferation and exudation, increasing the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), improving the permeability of glomerular blood capillaries, and increase blood flow to kidney.

Chinese medicine is better for treating kidney damage from the root.

P: Thanks, Dr. I know.

D: With the repaired glomeruli, protein can be kept in the body effectively, proteinuria can disappear naturally without relapse.

I’d like to send you related information and suggestion. What is your email address and phone number (+area code) or whatsapp?

P: Here.

D: Ok, I can send you all the information about our therapy to help you. I will contact you in 24 hours, please check your email box or phone timely.

Or if you have any problem about our treatment for membranous nephropathy with proteinuria, please consult us by the following ways:


WhatsApp/Viber: +86 18730617149, +86 13503211882

What else you want to know:
How can I get this treatment?
How can I get this treatment in my countries?
How much does this treatment cost?
What is the duration if I receive this treatment in your hospital?
What should I prepare to your hospital except visa?
How can I go to your hospital?

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