Proteinuria in Membranous Nephropathy Become Normal for 10 Days

2017-03-01 17:30

Proteinuria in Membranous Nephropathy Become Normal for 10 DaysThe following is a real story about a patient with Membranous Nephropathy. Toxin-Removing Therapy helps treat proteinuria 1+ to normal for 10 days. How does it do it?

Disease Description

Ms. Kong, from Shandong province, was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome with proteinuria 3+, 24UPr 5.68g and swelling in legs three years ago. During three years, she just took steroids and other medicines.

The first treatment

She took prednisone, okra capsule and valsartan capsule for 29 days, swelling disappeared, and 24UPr was 4.5g. And then she left hospital.

After leaving hospital, she took prednisone continuously for one month, but the proteinuria had no obvious change.

The second treatment—she was not Nephrotic Syndrome but Membranous Nephropathy

In the local hospital, she did renal biopsy which showed she had Membranous Nephropathy. And then she took western medicines again, like tacrolimus capsule and prednisone for 1 year. Protein became 2+. After taking prednisone and ciclosporin capsules one month, her proteinuria was 1+.

Since she was diagnosed with Membranous Nephropathy, the doctor regulated the medicine treatments 8 times, but the therapeutic effects were not good.

For further effective treatment, she came to our hospital.

The test result showed protein 1+, and 24UPr was 0.94g. Because she always took steroids for three years, she was dependent on them. Doctor will reduce the dose of steroid little by little.

Proteinuria in Membranous Nephropathy Become Normal for 10 Days

We gave her Toxin-Removing Therapy to eliminate the toxins and wastes out of the body. She took Foot Bath Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Treatment, etc to discharge the toxins through urine, skin, and stool so as to provide good condition and environment for kidney self-healing and the further medicine.

Toxin-removing therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which has no side effects for patients. After 10 days’ treatment, her proteinuria became normal.

Proteinuria in Membranous Nephropathy Become Normal for 10 Days

She was satisfied with the result. Hope she live a happy life.

If you are interested in Toxin-Removing Therapy and want to have a try, you can leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free. We will do utmost to help you. Have a great day!

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