Membranous Nephropathy, Chinese Medicne Have Better Curative Effect

2016-12-20 14:47

Membranous Nephropathy,Chinese Medicne,No HormoneThe symptoms most common to see in kidney patients is proteinuria. Conventional treatment for proteinuria is to use steroids. Membranous Nephropathy is also have the same treatment, but cannot see good curative effect on patients.

In March, leg swelling occurred to Mrs Liu without any reason. After physical examination in local hospital, it showed that she had protein 3+, BLD 3+ and blood pressure 150/100 mmHg. She was diagnosed with Membranous Nephropathy. But considering that those western medicines have many side effects, she refused it. While in order to bring state of illness under control, she had to receive steroid treatment, but the effect was still not satisfying.

This time she decided to choose Chinese medicine treatment for her disease, then she came to our hospital-- Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute.

The characteristic treatment of our hospital is TCM treatment. We do not only explore more effective medicines, but also create many prescriptions for various medical conditions as well as many external therapies to help make the most of the oral medicine.

After having a comprehensive knowledge of Mrs Liu’s medical condition, Director Guo helped improve her treatment plan and her personal doctor Zhang spent a lot of time explaining her disease to her and why she did not receive a good effect with the treatment before.

After ten days’ treatment, her urine protein reduced obviously, urine output increased and swelling disappeared already. With the improvement of poor appetite, her weak feeling was alleviated as well. What is the most important, she could have a good sleep.

Chinese medicine takes effect slowly than western medicine when used to treat kidney disease. But its associated symptoms can be brought under control in a week and after half months’ treatment, there will be obvious improvement.

Till now, if you have any question about our treatment or about Membranous Nephropathy, you can consult online doctor or contact with us directly. The contact information have show you in the following.

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