Magic Toxin-Removing Therapy: Membranous Nephropathy with Proteinuria

2017-03-07 15:30

Magic Toxin-Removing Therapy: Membranous Nephropathy with ProteinuriaProteinuria is one common symptom of Membranous Nephropathy. If large amount of protein leakage out for a long term, it is dangerous for you. Timely and proper treatment is essential to control proteinuria and repair damaged kidney.

Xiao Lan is a Membranous Nephropathy patient with an optimistic attitude always. Before she came to our hospital, she treated the disease in the local hospital with western treatments. But the therapeutic effects were not ideal. What is worse, it became serious. By accident, her family heard the characteristic Chinese Medicine Treatments of our hospital that can control the illness condition. With hope and trust in Chinese medicine, she with her mother-in-law came to here.

When she came to here, she had serious infection. Examination result showed her 24UPr was 8.43g, Creatinine level reached at 231umol/L and urea acid also above the normal level. β2 micro globulin also indicated her glomerular filtration function is damaged severely.

To control the infection and reduce the kidney damage, experts made consultation to diagnose her disease condition. Toxin-Removing Treatment is recommended to her so as to cleanse the immune complexes deposit in the basement membrane and repair her impaired kidney function.

The systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment contains various Chinese treatments which are made based on specific condition. We gave her Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Navel Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, to cleanse immune complexes, relieve infection and repair damaged kidney function.

Her creatinine reduced to 98umol/L and β2 micro globulin reduced to normal level in eight days’ treatment.

After about seven days of treatment, the creatinine reduced to 61umol/L. β2 micro globulin kept in the normal level and 24UPr reduced to 3.18g from the original 8.42g.

Magic Toxin-Removing Therapy: Membranous Nephropathy with Proteinuria Magic Toxin-Removing Therapy: Membranous Nephropathy with Proteinuria

How magic Chinese Medicine Treatments are! Hope she can recover as soon as possible completely. Any question on our treatment or Kidney Disease, please leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free. Have a great day!

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