Choose Effective Therapy for Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis

2018-01-20 11:20

Choose Effective Therapy for Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis,Chinese herbal medicineLupus Nephritis is one serious complication of lupus that is related with kidney damage. In lupus nephritis, it is very essential to choose effective and proper therapy. What is the suitable therapy for stage 4 lupus nephritis? How about Chinese herbs?

In stage 4 lupus nephritis, it easily occurs in kidney failure and timely treatment is necessary to slow down the progression of kidney disease. Some symptoms like proteinuria, edema, blood in urine will appear in this stage because of kidney damage. In order to treat it effectively, patients should follow the following ways:

1. Diet restriction. Patients with stage 4 lupus nephritis need to strictly control the protein, salt, potassium, and phosphorus intake. Each day the amount of salt should be less than 2g, and patients also limit fluid intake. For personalized diet plan, please email medical reports and phone number to

2. Alleviate symptoms of stage 4 lupus nephritis. Western medicine can be used to control the symptoms quickly but it cannot deal with the root problem of kidney damage. What is worse, long term of usage may cause some adverse effects to affect the treatment of lupus nephritis.

3. Repair the root problem of kidney damage. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on Chinese herbal medicines is effective and fundamental in treating lupus nephritis. They can dilate blood vessels and promote Qi circulation and remove obstruction in the collaterals. This helps kidney get sufficient blood, oxygen, and nutrients, so as to repair impaired kidney inherent cells and tissues.

If you are interested in systematic Chinese herbal treatments for stage 4 lupus nephritis, please email medical reports and phone number to us or leave a message below or click ONLINE DOCTOR for free guidance.

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