Chinese Treatments for Creatinine 3.2 in Lupus Nephritis

2017-04-07 11:48

Chinese Treatments for Creatinine 3.2 in Lupus NephritisHigh Creatinine Level means the kidneys are damaged seriously. For creatinine 3.2 in Lupus Nephritis, it is in stage 3 CKD and will develop into Kidney Failure quickly if you do not take timely treatment. Here we would like to introduce some Chinese medicine treatments.

In our hospital, to reduce high creatinine level, we not only aim at reducing the creatinine level, but also at restoring the impaired kidney tissues and cells and improving renal function from the root. Only in this way, your high creatinine level can be kept in a stable condition. The symptom that creatinine goes up and down will not appear.

What Chinese treatments help reduce creatinine 3.2?

On the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicines, we have invented many natural treatments. They are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Bath Therapy, Enema Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Navel Therapy, etc.

These treatments can be combined together to increase the medicines efficiency. We will make specific treatment plan according to your specific illness condition.

The functions of Chinese medicine treatments for reducing creatinine 3.2

The active Chinese medicines can filter the toxins and wastes to decrease kidney damage, promote blood circulation to remove the blood stasis, prevent the inflammation and coagulation, increase immunity to fight against the kidney disease and provide enough nutrients and oxygen to kidneys. Through a period of systemic treatments, the clinical symptoms will be relieved well. After another long term treatment, the creatinine 3.2 can be reduced with the improved kidney function.

Do you know about Chinese treatments for reducing creatinine 3.2? If you want to get personalized treatment plan, please send us your present illness condition in the below form or our mail box: or consult our ONLINE DOCTOR freely. Our expert will analyze them accurately and reply you as soon as possible. Take care please!

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