Kidney Failure Patients May Have Kidney Transplant Rejection

2018-03-10 10:30

Kidney Failure Patients May Have Kidney Transplant Rejection"Good Morning, doctor. My son was a patient with Kidney Failure and had a Kidney Transplant 5 months ago” one person consulted ONLINE DOCTOR, he has a high level in Protein of 2400. It is a dangerous Signal.

Kidney Transplant rejection is an immune response, since the presence of Antigen of Allogeneic kidney transplantation, Cellular and humoral immune responses of kidney of immune system against the aloantígeno, this immune response is the Accelerated rejection. Rejection occurs 3 - 5 days after surgery, kidney Transplants showed patients significant swelling, Tenderness, Fever, oliguria and hypertension, Elevated Serum creatinine and white blood cells. Available Accelerated rejection of methylprednisolone, ATG and OKT3, plasma Exchange Therapy.

The majority of kidney transplant recipients will experience some kind of rejection of riñón.y symptoms in Clinic, there are mainly three types of kidney rejection, each with its own set of symptoms:

1. Hyperacute Rejection

Hyperacute rejection occurs within the first two days after surgery and is always marked by the Rise of blood pressure and temperature. When the hyperacute rejection occurs, Surgery is usually needed urgently to eliminate the New Kidney.

2. Acute rejection

Acute rejection occurs a week after kidney transplant, patients with Fever, decreased urine output, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Transplant, Tenderness, increased Serum creatinine, now due to cyclosporine a and other clinical manifestations are not typical, can only change the function renal.

Chronic rejection can occur at any time and signs of chronic rejection include swelling of the extremities, fatigue, elevation of Bun and creatinine, and protein in the urine, blood in the urine and so on. When will require Dialysis renal failure of donor.

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