Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments for Kidney Shrinkage

2017-09-08 17:56

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments for Kidney ShrinkageFor Kidney Disease patients, with the severe shrinkage of kidney, your illness condition usually develops into Kidney Failure. You should take effective treatments as early as possible for Kidney Shrinkage. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments are a good option.

If your current treatment is not effective, you can try Chinese treatments. Here we list several treatments for you.

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: This therapy is a great innovation of TCM combined with advanced medical technology. It mainly has four typical properties: dilating blood vessels to improve blood circulation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, and degradation.

2. Foot Bath Therapy: Certain medicines are put on the warm water. The active materials of Chinese medicines flow with blood vessels so as to promote kidney cells and tissues’ metabolism, improve blood circulation. This therapy is about two hours with the body sweating for the degree. In this way, the blood flow will be more fluently.

3. Acupuncture Therapy: This therapy use needles to stab the some certain acupoints to dredge the channels and meridians, regulate immune system, and improve blood circulation and so on. In this way, some clinical symptoms like pain of the whole body, edema, numbness, ecchymosis and others can be relieved naturally and effectively.

Besides, there are also Medicated Bath, Moxibustion Therapy, Oral Chinese medicine therapy, etc.

These Chinese medicines can help repair kidney lesion as well as improve renal function fundamentally to treat kidney shrinkage.

If you are curious about these treatments for CKD with kidney shrinkage, please leave a message in the below form or email present medical reports to us. We will do utmost to help you.


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