An Alternative Treatment to Kidney Transplant for Renal Failure

2015-12-15 17:14

An Alternative Treatment to Kidney Transplant for Renal FailureKidney Failure is a medical condition where the kidneys fail to work adequately. To regain a brand new life, many patients with renal failure pin their hope on kidney transplant. Is there such an effective treatment to help these patients?

In the past, it is almost impossible to make renal failure patients live without dialysis and kidney transplant. However, after many years’ research, a lot of kidney experts work together so as to form such a treatment to help these patients. They call it Immunotherapy.

To make sure whether Immunotherapy can help treat renal failure, we must find out its root causes. When some risks violate kidney, kidney cells will be damaged gradually because of poor blood and oxygen supply. Over time, more and more kidney function loses. If nearly all of kidney function has lost, renal failure will occur without any expectation.

How does Immunotherapy help patients with renal failure? As we all know, no specific treatment can cure renal failure completely at present, so the most effective therapy is to improve kidney function as much as possible, through nourishing the impaired kidney cells. With the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, With thousands of years of history, some herbal medicines are proven to have a remarkable effect in repairing damaged tissues, through expending blood vessel, transporting more blood and oxygen to impaired cells, enhancing patients’ self-curative ability and regulating their immune system.

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