Choose Peritoneal Dialysis or Hemodialysis in Kidney Failure

2017-07-03 16:52

Choose Peritoneal Dialysis or Hemodialysis in Kidney FailureWhen CKD develops into Kidney Failure, some patients may be asked Dialysis. Well then, peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis? How to choose?

As an old saying goes: each coin has two sides. It depends on the following three factors.

1. Life

It is the most important point for CKD patients. They choose Dialysis is to save life and live longer life. You can choose the one that live longer.

Peritoneal dialysis is to take use of the peritoneum of the body dialysis. So the time is free, that is, it can be done at any time to remove the wastes in the blood out of the body. In this way, blood biochemical index is relatively stable and the residual kidney function also can be protected well.

Hemodialysis is to create an artificial kidney out of the body that replaces the original kidney in the body. In short time, it is better than peritoneal dialysis to eliminate the toxins and wastes. However, the artificial kidney makes the original kidney lose the residual kidney function gradually.

2. Time

Peritoneal dialysis: Patients need to change the dialyzate three or four times per day, each time half an hour. It is consistent with the mealtime to some extent, so patients who doing peritoneal dialysis can work normally. The time is relatively free.

Hemodialysis: In general, it is done twice or three times a week, each time 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, it greatly affects the patient’s daily work and life.

3. Money

Both of them are a long-term process to prolong life, and spending much money is inevitable. However, in the long term, peritoneal dialysis is cheaper than hemodialysis.

Doctor Reminder:

In order to improve the life quality, if condition permits, patients can do blood perfusion or blood plasma and other special blood dialysis.

If peritoneum functions are declined after several years, the patient can change to hemadialysis.

What is more, for patients in early stage of CKD, you had better take effective as soon as possible to avoid Kidney Failure and Dialysis even Kidney Transplant, so that you can live a relatively normal life. Any problem you have, welcome to consult us by leaving message or sending email or consult free ONLINE DOCTOR.


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