Can Dialysis Improve Edema in Kidney Failure

2017-06-24 18:19

Can Dialysis Improve Edema in Kidney FailureTo be honest, Edema is caused by the damaged kidney. In Chronic Kidney Disease, the damaged kidney fails to discharge the extra fluids from the body, so that fluid retention. Can Dialysis improve edema in Kidney Failure?

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If left untreated, edema will become more serious in feet, ankle, and face and even in lung, bladder and so on. When it occurs in Kidney Failure stage, Dialysis is commonly recommended for patients to improve the kidney condition and remove the toxins and fluids out, which is an effective method in severe condition. However, it can not treat edema from the root.

When kidney tissues and kidney tubules get damaged, or lesion, dialysis fails to reabsorb the fluids as effective as before, and at that moment, it will cause edema. Actually, it can help improve the kidney condition and remove the toxins temporarily, but it can not repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells. Thus, edema will appear again. In this case, we need to find alternative of dialysis to relieve or treat edema from the root.

In China, Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, there is a natural treatment that has a superior effect in treating chronic kidney disease and its complications. It is Toxin-Removing Therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment can repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function and remove the extra fluids. What is more, this treatment can help dilate the blood vessel and remove the toxins in blood vessel. Gradually, with the improved kidney function, edema can be eliminated from the root without relapse. You may also avoid dialysis in early stage and even get rid of dialysis in advanced stage.

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