What Is the Proper Choice for Renal Insufficiency

2017-01-01 18:11

What Is the Proper Choice for Renal InsufficiencyChronic Kidney Disease is caused by series of factors. It is urgent to control its deterioration, otherwise it will aggravate gradually to Renal Failure. Thereby, patients had better take some effective treatments for Renal Insufficiency. What is the proper choice?

At first, we should know why does renal insufficiency occur?

According to the clinical research, above 85% chronic kidney disease is related to immune disorder. When immune system is abnormal, the harmful substances will grasp the chance to attack our body. In order to fight against these antigens, our body will produce antibodies. The combination of antibodies and antigens is immune complexes. In general, circulation system can eliminate these immune complexes. But if immune system is damaged, as a result it can not work normally, the immune complexes will accumulate in the body. For a long term, these substances affect our kidneys and lead to renal insufficiency.

Thus, the key point of treatment should repair kidney damage and make immune system works again.

What is the proper choice for renal insufficiency?

Immunotherapy is the better choice to renal insufficiency. It can not only clear immune complexes, regulate immune system, protect residual renal functions, but also repair damaged kidney intrinsic cells and tissues. Due to immune disorder, the treatment for renal insufficiency is made by the whole expert team. This therapy has main six steps: accurate diagnosis, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune regulation, immune protection and immune clearance.

Another characteristic treatment in our hospital—Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a great innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has won great fame due to its functions. Through dilating blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, regulating immune system and preventing kidney from further damage, this therapy achieves the aim of repairing damaged kidney tissues and cells and improving renal functions.

In brief, renal insufficiency is caused by renal damage. Thus the proper treatment is to repair damaged kidney tissues and cells, gradually renal insufficiency can be improved well and naturally.

If you want to know more details about these two natural treatments or improve renal functions, you can leave the patient’s detailed information below or contact us by email to huaxiainstitute@hotmail.com with name, age, gender, country, disease description and phone number/WhatsApp/Viber, so that we can give you professional and unique suggestion in time. We are here waiting for you.

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