What Are The Treatment for Creatinine 12 Kidney Disease Patient

2016-12-21 10:42

Kidney Failure,Creatinine 12, Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyThis kind of question we have saw so much in our website’ s message. Both of us should know about why so many patients have this question-- they do not want to take dialysis. So that they want to have other choice.

Do you have the same question now? If you have, you can consult online doctor directly or you can read about this.

Why patients with such high creatinine level do not want to take dialysis. I think you know about the reason. No matter they have take dialysis or not till now. All of them do not want to have any relationship with dialysis in their whole life. There is no doubt that it has side effects and pain, it also can not treat disease well and creatinine level will out of control too.

Seems like most patients with creatinine 12 do not have other choices in their countries. While that not means there do not have other choices for them in the world. China can bring new hope for them.

We know a lot of people do not trust Chinese medicine due to they do not have experience of them before. While as a matter of fact, if you have try about it, you will know about the functions which will bring you great chance to have a better life.

Do you know about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? It is only one of the most effective Chinese medicine treatment for kidney disease. This kind of treatment has been treated well so many patients with high creatinine level without dialysis before.

It adopts Chinese medicine to clean toxins in blood at first to control creatinine and illness condition. Then medicine in it will repair damage of kidneys to make the kidneys have vitality to work again. Through this way, some of them do not have to take dialysis and kidney transplant can be delayed well.

Maybe you only have dialysis for your treatment now. If you want to avoid dialysis or you want to know more about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, please contact with us in which ways you convenient. We will try our best to help you.


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