Governor Moxibustion

2016-11-12 16:52

Kidney Failure Treatment,Governor Moxibustion,Chinese Medicine TherapyWhat is Governor moxibustion?

Governor moxibustion is a kind of Chinese medicine treatment which can direct used for the pathogenesis. This kind of treatment has been used for kidney disease treatment for many years in Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute.

How does it work for patients?

Patients with bare back lying on the bed, take Du Vessel to waist spine. Smear some ginger juice on the treatment site after regular disinfection, and then spread moxibustion powder in the treatment area. And then with some kind of tools for helping Moxibustion Article work for patients.

What are the functions of Governor moxibustion?

Treatment: It is suitable for reliefing neck, shoulder, waist, legs and other joint pain and pain caused by soft tissue contusion due to cold and moisture. It can be used for the kidney disease patients to alleviate all kinds of symptoms. It can also probmote blood circulation and blood stasis with to make the blood circulation of kidneys smoothly, that will helpful for the blood and nutrition get into kidney lesions and treat for disease from root.

Prevention: Governor moxibustion have great function for anti-aging, enhance immunity and improve resistance of patients with kidney disease. With this kind of treatment that cold, infection and some other illness condition which are easily to lead to kidney disease can be prevented effectively. That will also help patients to prevent disease happen again through a natural way which is really different from dialysis and kidney transplant.

Of course only relay on this kind of treatment can not have a very good curative effect for patients with kidney failure or severe kidney damage. Do not worry about that, in Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, we use it to combined with other effective Chinese medicine treatment which can repair damage on kidneys, control illness condition and restore kidney function effectively to work for patients together. Thus will have a much better result than only relay on a simple kind of treatment.

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