Umbilical Therapy

2016-11-12 16:46

Kidney Failure Treatment,Umbilical Therapy,Chinese Medicine TreatmentWhat is Umbilical Therapy?

The umbilical therapy is one of the external therapies of the Chinese Traditional Medicine. It is simple, effective, non-invasive and painless, and is widely used in the treatment of kidney disease.

Umbilical therapy, is an external treatment with the direct application of drugs or moxibustion, heat and other methods of treatment in patients’ umbilical, to stimulate the meridian of the gas, dredge qi and blood, conditioning organs, for the prevention and treatment of diseases. China's earliest existing medical theory of the book "Huang Di Nei Jing" also has the record of this kind of treatment.

The umbilical tissue distribution of the various layers of nerve endings, nerve plexus and nerve bundles. Drug paste umbilical effect on the meridian at the same time, it is bound to the role of nerve. Modern medical studies have confirmed that stimulation of Shenque through nerve, body fluids and regulate the role of nerve, endocrine and immune system, thereby improving the function of various tissues and organs, to promote its return to normal.

Health: it can improve visceral and tissue physiological and pathological activities rapidly, strengthen immunity and it can also prevent kidney disease effectively. For the weak constitution, insomnia, cold stomach pain, diarrhea, has an excellent role for improvement. Micro-hot air from the umbilical spread to the entire abdomen, and promote gastrointestinal motility, to accelerate the discharge of toxins from the body, improve sleep, people's mental health has a very relaxed, comfortable and energetic. Help patients with kidney disease improve the quality of their life.

For the complications caused by kidney disease, promote facial blood circulation, can improve the facial pale, dull phenomenon, prevention and dilution due to poor circulation caused by pigmentation, dark yellow and other skin problems, have a good preventive and therapeutic effect. Special way of administration will make patients with blood filling, bright face, prevent all kinds of disease, longevity. It can repair damage of kidney and inherent cells effectively, to improve renal function, eliminate toxins, prevent recurrence of kidney disease.

This treatment is the brand new therapy which widely used in our hospital now, it has been approved by lots of patients which from other countries. It is really helpful for kidney failure patients to have a great chance to recover kidneys and restore kidney function in a natural way without side effects.

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