Four One Chinese Medicine Therapy For End Stage Renal Failure

2016-11-08 16:23

End Stage Renal Failure,Chinese Medicine,No DialysisIn China, we use Chinese medicine treatments for End Stage Renal Disease and have good curative effect. You may have never heard of the treatment names. Here we will introduce you Four One Chinese Medicine Treatments for uremia.

1. Medicinal Soup

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can support the healthy energy, activate blood circulation to remove blood stasis, improve clinical symptoms obviously, improve your body metabolic and immune function, excrete wastes and toxins, and prevent glomeruli from being further damaged.

2. Acupoint application

The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can arrive at your kidney lesion directly through skin permeation and stimulating your acupoints so as to achieve the purpose of increasing urine volume, activating collaterals, warm your kidneys and removing wastes from your blood.

3. Medicated Foot Bath

Chinese medicines can expand skin capillary, promote the circulation of blood and lymph, excrete more toxins via sweats, which can make your injured kidneys recovery naturally, increase your urine volume, eliminate your swelling and improve your immune system. Urea nitrogen and creatinine are discharged from your body. In this way, nausea and vomiting can get alleviated and side effects from hyperkalemia are relieved.

4. Enema Therapy

Enema Therapy is one common treatment for kidney failure. It can eliminate nitrogen metabolites from your blood. Chinese medicines in Enema Therapy can promote the toxic removal from your gastrointestinal tract, prevent gastrointestinal tract from absorbing toxins, promote the excretion of toxic substances from your body and reduce your kidney burden. This can stop the increase of serum creatinine level ad urea nitrogen.

They can be used together for the treatment of end stage renal failure. If you want to have try about them, please tell us now. We will try our best to help you.

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