Is Stem Cell Therapy Helpful for ESRD Patients

2016-10-28 13:22

Kidney Failure,ESRD,Stem Cell Therapy,Chinese MedicineIs Stem Cell Therapy helpful for ESRD patients? My 31 year old son has just started his first week of dialysis. His kidney disease has been chronic for 25 years. He has been well and drug free. I do not want traditional methods and drugs. I want stem cells. Can you help me?

As a matter of fact, this kind of patients can be called as end stage renal disease-- ESRD.

Though dialysis can prolongs patients' life, but we know it has many complications, such as muscle cramps and itchy skin. More worse, patients have to depend on dialysis to live in the remaining years. That is why many patients want to get rid of dialysis.

Is Stem cell therapy good for ESRD patients?

Stem cell therapy is a breakthrough in treating kidney failure. The injured part of kidneys releases cytokines, which can guide the injected stem cells to get to the area and differentiated into kidney specific cells. And then the new kidney cells can replace the damaged ones to work. Generally speaking, stem cell therapy can improve kidney function so as to help the patients to get rid of dialysis.

But not all kidney failure patients that receive stem cell therapy can achieve the goal. Because when kidney function declines, a lot of waste will build up in the blood. These waste shortens the lifespan of stem cells so as to affect the curative effect. Therefore, before you receive stem cell therapy, you should set up a good blood environment for these stem cells to survive.

For this kind of condition that we can use Chinese medicine treatments to creat a good inner kidney environment for patients to get a much better curative with both of them. The combination of stem cell therapies and TCM therapies can help you restore kidney function so as to get rid of dialysis.

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