Can We Use Blood Purification Technique to Prevent Complications of Uremia

2016-10-27 14:27

Kidney failure,Prevent Complications of Uremia,Blood PurificationCan we use Blood Purification Technique to Prevent Complications of Uremia? Blood Purification is helpful for patients with end stage renal disease, which is also named as uremia. You should know about it clearly.

Why blood purification can help to prevent complications of Uremia?

When the kidneys are not functioning as they should, various types of wasteful products will accumulate in the body. Those wastes, when circulating with bloodstream, may damage multiple body systems. Those complications will decrease long-term survival rate in Uremia.

Blood purification is a thorough way to clear all kinds of wastes and toxins in the body and purify the inner environment by applying a set of purification techniques. This means to fulfill the function of kidneys through artificial facilities. The patients with Uremia will get rid of toxic substances, reduce complications, improve health status and enhance quality of life. Clinical treatment for Uremia begins with blood purification.

How does blood purification performed for Uremia patients?

Blood purification is applied to eliminate all kinds of toxins and waste products. That will save life in necessary condition and make patients live longer life. The techniques mainly include hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, immune adsorption, blood plasma exchange, blood lipid elimination, biological filtration, leucocyte clearance, etc.

While we need to use Chinese medicine for patients with uremia in our hospital. The purpose of it is to alleviate side effects due to blood purification. Thus is good for controlling illness condition and preventing further damage on kidneys.

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