What are then Advantage of Peritoneal Dialysis for Kidney Disease Patients

2016-10-18 12:10

Kidney Failure,Advantages of Peritoneal Dialysis,Chinese MedicineWhat are the advantage of Peritoneal dialysis for kidney disease patients? Dialysis can be devided into two types: hemodialysis and peritoneal dailysis. Both of the are used to help patients with kidney disease eliminate toxins and excessive water to alleviate symptoms.

What is Peritoneal dialysis for kidney failure?

Peritoneal dialysis should not strange for end-stage renal failure patients, because this method of renal replacement therapy have saved the lives of many people and improve their quality of life in some degree.

It is a kind of dialysis at home - suitable for most of the patients with renal failure.

Peritoneal dialysis is a way which different from hemodialysis,peritoneal dialysis uses the body's own abdominal cavity and abdominal surrounding . Peritoneal dialysis treatment is applicable for almost all of the patients with renal failure with the purpose of removing metabolic products, toxic substances through constant change peritoneal fluid, and then fulfill the purpose of correcting water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders.

What are the advantages of Peritoneal dialysis for kidney disease patients?

The most important advantages of Peritoneal dialysis is that it can save the patient's residual renal function. Compare with hemodialysis that peritoneal dialysis has little influence on kidney function ,the heart, and the ability of human body blood circulation. Peritoneal dialysis can be operate in any clean place, time is flexible and less restrictions for diet. It is simple and convenient for operation, do not need machine and puncture and the cost is relatively low .

Of course, if you do not want to take dialysis as the only treatment, you can choose Chinese medicine to help you protect exist kidney function and restore it effectively.

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