If Kidney Failure Can be Delayed According to Clinical Studies

2016-10-08 10:11

Delay Kidney Failure,Clinical Studies,Chinese Medicine TreatmentIf Kidney Failure can be Delayed According to Clinical Studies? Kidney disease is a kidney disease that long-term accumulated in daily life, the cause of the disease is vary and complex, a lot of patients don't know different periods symptoms caused by the disease, so that delayed the treatment.

Can it be delayed the development of the kidney failure?

Most experts have told people about that with correct life habits and effective, timely treatment that the illness condition of kidney failure can be delayed in most time.

1.Control high blood pressure, diabetes nephropathy patients should be actively control of blood pressure, and to buck up to standard, protect kidney function, can effectively reduce the urine protein excretion, so it should be in the first place.

2.Control blood lipid levels. Blood fat is always a factor, so in order to get good control of diabetic nephropathy, patients need to blood lipids control normal as far as possible, both triglycerides and cholesterol.

3.Strict control of blood sugar, blood glucose strictly controlled in the ideal range, glycosylated hemoglobin remained at less then7%, for the majority of patients with early nephropathy is very helpful. End-stage renal disease patients should be very careful when controlling blood sugar, due to insufficient food and inactivated, hypoglycemia is easy to occur.

4.Diet should be given priority to with high quality animal protein, like lean meat, beef, fish, eggs, etc., can also eat a low salt diet, if appear edema or high blood pressure, to control salt, but also to drink less.

5.The active treatment of various urinary system disease. Bacteria is easy to multiply under the environment of high sugar,that can cause urinary tract infections. Another is smoking can increase the incidence of urinary protein independence, all patients fear of renal failure to quit smoking immediately.

6.Use of antiplatelet aggregation drugs, There is also clotting factors cause of diabetic nephropathy except the metabolic factors. Kidney patients with anticoagulant therapy is often effective.

Furthermore, now with effective treatment which based on Chinese medicine is able to help patients prevent people delay the development of kidney failure.

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