Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Kidney Failure Patients Restore Kidney Function Without Dialysis

2016-08-04 10:35

Kidney Failure,Restore Kidney Function,Without DialysisCan Stem Cell Therapy help Kidney Failure patients Restore Kidney Function Without Dialysis? Improve kidney function is the mainly factor for kidney failure patients to choose the treatment. But in most time, they have to or prefer to choose dialysis which can help them in some degree but not effectively.

Can dialysis help kidney failure patients restore kidney function?

As we all known that dialysis is one of the most effective treatment for kidney failure. It can help patients eliminate toxins and wastes in blood to control illness condition and save life. But that not means it has ability to help patients restore kidney function.

Restore kidney function need to repair the damage on kidneys to prevent further damage on kidneys. That is very important for patients to prevent kidney transplant effectively.

We know that dialysis has a lot of side effects on patients, they have bad effect on kidneys which will make the illness condition more and more serious, the kidney function will be more and more less. So that dialysis is not suitable for kidney failure patients to restore kidney function.

Can Stem Cell Therapy restore kidney function for kidney failure patients without dialysis?

This kind of treatment uses stem cells as the mainly weapon to treat for disease, which has great self-healing function. This kind of function will help the damage cells recover which means once them get into kidneys, they can repair the damaged kidney tissue cells. And then the stem cells will also supplement red blood cells for kidneys, thus will make kidney have enough nutrition to work well, then kidney function can be restored effectively and dialysis can be avoided.

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