Is Chinese Medicine Helpful for Kidney Failure Patient’s Life Span

2016-07-07 14:37

Is Chinese Medicine Helpful for Kidney Failure Patient’s Life SpanIs Chinese Medicine helpful for kidney failure patient’s life span? Once talking about the life expectancy people should not only consider about disease condition, but also consider the treatment for patients.

How long can kidney failure patient live?

Gneerally speaking, for people who are in the early stage of kidney failure if they can find a systematic treatment and take it timely, their life span will be prolonged greatly. That is because in the early stage the kidney is damaged is not serious, as long as they have not fall into stage 4, there still have a chance to reverse, thus can hlep them avoid dialysis and transplant.

For people with advanced kidney disease, they will take dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong their life to 5-10 years or even longer, if they do not take any actions, there are only few months or one years left.

Is Chinese Medicine helpful for patient’s life span?

As a matter of fact, for people with kidney failure, Chinese Medicine is helpful for prolonging their life span. Chinese Medicine is different from the Western treatment, it can relieve the symptoms like high creatinine level by improving kidney function. It is not only a single treatment but a series of therapy. With the help of those therapies, people can have a better and longer life.

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