How to Prevent Relapse of Kidney Failure after Kidney Transplant

2016-05-09 14:55

How to Prevent Relapse of Kidney Failure after Kidney TransplantHow to prevent relapse of Kidney Failure after Kidney Transplant? For patients after Kidney Transplant the most important thing for them is to prevent the relapse of kidney disease. They need to pay more attention about their health of kidney in the daily life.

How do they prevent kidney problems in daily life?

They need to pay more attention to prevent cold. That will lead to infection in some degree. Infection is the most dangerous factor for patients to have kidney disease again. Diet is also different form the normal person, because kidney need to reduce its burden, too much salt or sugar will make the kidney have more burden. Proper exercise is also necessary, that will strengthen the body's immune system.

Furthermore, anti-drugs for them is the necessary in their rest of life.

Why kidney failure relapse after kidney transplant?

Kidney failure is the later development to kidney disease. Patients after kidney transplant have kidney failure is likely to due to the complications of kidney transplant or some other kidney problems which lead to kidney failure in the end.

The most fundamental reason is that the new kidney was not well protected, then made the kidney damaged again. Kidney function lose lead to kidney failure in the end.

How to repair kidney damage after kidney transplant?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as a kind of effective treatment for patients with kidney disease. It is able to anti-inflammation, and promote blood circulation and blood stasis. So that the kidney will have a healthy environment, kidney function will be improved in the end. Kidney failure can be prevented effectively.

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