Can Stem Cell Therapy Help to Keep BUN Normal for Patients with Kidney Failure

2016-04-22 11:59

Can Stem Cell Therapy Help to Keep BUN Normal for Patients with Kidney FailureCan Stem Cell Therapy help to keep BUN normal for patients with Kidney Failure? Blood Urea Nitrogen is one of the main indicators of renal function. Therefore, changes in blood urea nitrogen greater impact on the value of non-protein nitrogen. Often used in the clinical detection of urea nitrogen instead of measuring non-protein nitrogen.

What are hazards of high blood urea nitrogen?

Normal index of urea nitrogen is 2.86-7.14mmol / L.

Majority of patients with Kidney Failure have a little bit high serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen. As a matter of fact, it will reflect the kidney function directly, without effective treatment that blood urea nitrogen is likely to damage the kidney more and more serious and harmful to other functions of human body.

minor circle damage, glomerular sclerosis and basement membrane damage are the main pathological changes of high urea nitrogen. Resolve high blood urea nitrogen, need to treat form this reason.

How to keep BUN in normal level?

Dialysis is the most common way for patients with kidney failure to reduce all kinds of high index, include BUN. So that choose dialysis for high blood urea nitrogen is useful in some degree. But it can not deal with it form the root, so patients need some other way to keep it normal.

If patients want to keep BUN in normal level that they need to repair all kinds of damage in kidneys. Stem Cell Therapy is able to repair the damage of kidneys to make the kidney have ability to discharge toxins and wastes by itself and keep BUN in normal level.

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