What Is The Best Treatment for Patients with Kidney Failure Who Do Not Want Kidney Transplant

2016-04-07 15:26

What Is The Best Treatment for Patients with Kidney Failure Who Do Not Want Kidney TransplantWhat is the best treatment for patients with Kidney Failure who do not want Kidney Transplant? In simple terms, once patients reach into the period of Kidney Failure which means that patients has reached into stage 4 kidney disease already. Severe kidney damage causes serious deficiencies in kidney function. The last treatment is Kidney Transplant in most conditions.

Why Patients Need Kidney Transplant in This Period?

The last development of kidney failure will lead to all kidney necrosis so that completely lose all of the kidney function. As we all known that kidney is role a really important play for human body, once it was lose function that human body will lose the machine which can clean the toxins, waste in blood. So patients will appear the symptoms of high creatinine level, peoteinuria, blood urine and something else. From this shape, kidney transplant is really necessary for patients to recover the kidney function.

Why People Do Not Want to Take Kidney Transplant?

According to the clinical, kidney transplant can not cure the kidney problems too. There are still have so many complications with it. If the new renal can not suitable for the new environment that patients will appear rejection reaction. Thus will increase the accelerate kidney damage. Furthermore, kidney transplant need lots of money and suitable kidneys resources. So that more ans more patients do not want to take kidney transplant.

What Treatment Can Help Patients Avoid Kidney Transplant?

Once the kidney function improved that kidney transplant can be avoid. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy uses Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation and blood stasis, dilating blood vessels to improve the kidney function.

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