Dialysis May Not the Best Choice for Kidney Failure Patient

2016-01-02 16:19

Dialysis May Not the Best Choice for Kidney Failure PatientWhy Dialysis is not the best choice for kidney failure patient? As you know, dialysis is a life-saving method for kidney failure patients by eliminating a part of toxins and fluid from body. However, it can not treat kidney failure nor improve renal function.

Why dialysis is not the best choice for kidney failure patient?

Our kidneys are a pair of sophisticated filtering organs in human body. They work 24 hours a day to filter out toxins in different sizes from our blood including micromolecular, mid-molecular and macromolecular toxins completely. Hence, the blood in circulation is healthy.

While you are on dialysis now, it only can remove those micromolecular toxins like creatinine, urea etc. A lot of mid-molecular toxins and macromolecular toxins will still linger in your blood. These toxins not only can worsen your kidneys, but also can affect other body organs and systems adversely.

What's more, as your own kidneys are replaced with dialysis, your own kidneys will stop working gradually. As a result, your kidney size will shrink and your urine volume will also drop. By then, there will no blood flow through your kidneys. In other words, no medicines can reach kidneys to take effects.

What treatment is better than dialysis in treating kidney failure?

In fact, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, a kind of innovation of traditional Chinese Medicine, it is better than dialysis in treating kidney failure.

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