What Is the Recovery Chance of Stage 4 Kidney Disease

2018-06-06 15:36

What Is the Recovery Chance of Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseKey Points: Living With Stage 4 Kidney Disease. What Is the Recovery Chance of Stage 4 Kidney Disease. If progressing continuously, Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease will develop into end stage where patients may be faced by many dangerous problems. So, the recovery chance of kidney disease at stage 4 attracts patients' close attention.

If you just have Stage 4 CKD and want to make your kidneys recover to as healthy as normal people, the result may make you disappointed. This is because once inherent kidney cells are necrotic completely, we can do nothing to repair them. At stage 4 kidney disease, a part of inherent kidney cells are just damaged, while some indeed are necrotic. From this point, kidney experts here try their best to improve patients' kidney function and overall health condition.

In stage 4, patients' kidney function is still above 15%, so they still have chance to reverse their kidney damage and prompt their kidney function. The key is to get correct and prompt treatment option.

In our hospital, we mainly use Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat kidney disease. During the whole treatment, some western medicines may also be used to support Chinese medicines for controlling some kidney disease symptoms and complications.

What can Chinese medicine do for patients with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease? These medicines increase the recovery chance of kidney disease through four aspects:

- Increase the blood flow into kidneys for providing more blood and oxygen for inherent kidney cells.

- Regulate the internal environment, in order to protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues.

- Stimulate the self-healing system of kidneys, so inherent kidney cells can get recovery gradually by themselves.

- Keep kidney condition from worsening, and the key is to control the underlying cause and related problems.

Personalized Treatments

Your treatment at Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute with an in-depth conversation. You do the talking, and I will listen. My analysis and diagnosis of your symptoms is then based on a thorough understanding of what you are experiencing. Our treatment plan is aimed at not simply alleviating symptoms but addressing the underlying causes.

The prescribed medicines should depend on patients' overall health condition. If you want to get suitable medicines for certain, you can contact us directly.

Our email: huaxiainstitute@hotmail.com

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