Creatinine 3.7 And 40% Renal Functions In Stage 3 Kidney Failure: How To Treat It

2018-04-20 15:21

Stage 3 Kidney Failure,40% Renal Functions,Creatinine 3.7Our kidneys are working only 40%, which indicates that more than half of the kidney function is lost and kidneys damaged severely. So patients need to have treatment in time, which can help treat it well to avoid Uremia stage.

What are the common treatments of creatinine 3.7 and 40% renal functions in stage 3 kidney failure?

Common treatments for stage 3 kidney failure, such as steroids and immunosuppressive agents can help patients to relieve some of the symptoms and delay the development of disease. While renal Damage and impaired renal function can not be solved.

What are the alternative treatments?

Through our investigation and Observation, stage 3 kidney failure patients were treated by Immunotherapy speak highly of this treatment. It aims at Repairing the renal damage, Improving renal function and the Improvement of the innate immune system. Immunotherapy has six steps, Steroid Medicine and Immunotherapy agents are also used in the third and Fourth stages of Immune Tolerance and Immune blockade.

Cooperated with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (one of the most effective treatments for Kidney Disease), which has good effects on improving kidney functions and rebuilding kidney structures. So stage 3 kidney failure patients have the opportunity to reverse the disease and live a quality life without dialysis.

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