Reverse 3 Stage Kidney Failure Reduce Creatinine 4.7 Naturally

2018-04-11 16:01

Reverse 3 stage kidney failure, reduce creatinine 4.7,avoid dialysisI am a patient with renal insufficiency with many years of high blood pressure. Recently, my Creatinine and Crumpled to 4.7 in 3 Stage Kidney Failure. Is it possible to reverse 3 stage kidney failure? Can my creatinine 4.7 to be normal?

In The Clinic, the high creatinine level means that renal function has been damaged more than 50%. However, Fortunately, the creatinine level is not too high. We should improve kidney functions to revere kidney failure stage. Here we strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is very popular in recovering kidney functions for avoiding dialysis.

What are the functions of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

1. Prevent the deterioration of renal function

Chinese Medicines are offered with dilation of blood vessels, anti inflammatory, anti coagulation and degrading the Extracellular Matrix. After that effective drugs are penetrated in renal lesions, which can stop the release of inflammatory factors and clarify substances harmful to the kidneys. In this way, it can stop the deterioration of renal function immediately and effectively.

2. Activate the self replication of cells Functional Kidney

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can Activate the self replication of renal cells and promote the functional reconstruction of the structure of the Kidney. The active materials in Chinese Medicines can block the renal fibrosis, dilate Arteries at all levels, improve the regeneration and functional differentiation of kidney cells. Meanwhile, The Medicines can promote the secretion of growth factors to activate the formation of New blood vessels and accelerate the Reconstruction of the glomeruli.

3. Improve the aerobic Metabolic Disorders and provide an environment for the repair of renal Functional cells.

Effective Drugs can dilate the blood vessels in all levels and increase the supply of blood and Oxygen to the kidneys. This Way, you can create an aerobic environment to restore the damaged kidneys. As the renal ischemia and anoxia is the fundamental cause of renal fibrosis, Once these conditions are reversed, will stop the deterioration of renal function. So it can achieve to Reverse 3 stage kidney failure reduce creatinine 4.7 naturally.

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