How to Treat Kidney Failure with Stem Cell

2015-12-19 16:38

How to Treat Kidney Failure with Stem CellThere are many Kidney Failure patients choose stem cell because of its high efficiency. How to treat kidney failure with stem cell?

stem cell are a class of self-replication (self-renewing) of pluripotent cells. Under certain conditions, it can differentiate into a variety of cellular functions. According to the developmental stage in which the stem cells into embryonic stem cells (embryonic stem cell, ES cells) and adult stem cells (somatic stem cell). Divided into three categories according to the developmental potential of stem cells: totipotent cells (totipotent stem cell, TSC), pluripotent stem cells (pluripotent stem cell) and single-stem cells. Stem Cells is a not fully differentiated, immature cells of various tissues and organs with regenerative potential of the human body function, the medical profession as "universal cell."

Stem cells are particularly important for early human development, children and adults can also be found multipotent stem cells. For one of our most well-known stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells, for example, hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow of every child and adult among, also present in circulating blood, but the number is very small. Throughout the course of our lives, hematopoietic stem cells constantly replenish blood cells in the human body - red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets process p lays a key role. We can not survive without hematopoietic stem cells. Using healthy cell to create a new healthy kidney tissue allows the kidney structure to become more healthier, which increase the kidney’s ability to function properly.

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