The Reasons of Kidney Failure and Its Treatment

2015-12-19 14:46

The Reasons of Kidney Failure and Its TreatmentMany kidney disease patients consult us online saying that they have symptoms such as high creatinine, high blood pressure, back pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, etc. Some would say that their kidney functions are declined and they are chronic kidney disease.

However chronic kidney disease is not a particular illness and it can be caused by many factors. Only if we make clear the underlying cause of kidney disease can we seek proper and effective treatments. However it is often the case that many patients do not know what caused their kidney problem even with test reports. The following are the causes of kidney disease and kidney failure which might help you find out what is the underlying cause so as to have more effective and targeted treatment measures.

Hypertension, diabetes and glomerular disease are the leading causes of kidney failure. Besides, hereditary disease, obstructive kidney disease and impairments of renal vascular are all possible causes.


Hypertension is characterized by high blood pressure which can cause high pressure, high perfusion and high filtration in the kidneys and damage blood vessels and glomerular sclerosis. Well control of high blood pressure is one important aspect for treating kidney failure due to

Glomerular diseases

There are a variety of glomerular diseases. Primary glomerular diseases include FSGS, IgA nephropathy, membranous nephropathy, etc. Secondary glomerular diseases include diabetic nephropathy, HIV-associated nephropathy, amyloid nephropathy, etc.

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