Natural Treatment for Swollen Belly in Kidney Failure

2017-04-12 16:23

Natural Treatment for Swollen Belly in Kidney FailureWhat is natural treatment for swollen belly in Kidney Failure? In general, kidneys perform many functions in our body, one of which is removing the extra fluid out of the body. While our kidney is damaged, it fails to discharge fluid from naturally, causing fluid retention in the body.

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What is the common treatment for Kidney Failure patients?

Dialysis is a common used treatment for Renal Failure patients to remove waste products and excess fluid from the body.

Diuretic also is a common used treatment to help discharge the extra fluid from the body through urine.

However, the above two treatments can only help alleviate swollen belly superficially. They can not repair the injured kidney tissues and kidney intrinsic cells and improve renal functions from the root. Once you stop the medicines or dialysis, fluid will build up in the body again, and swollen belly relapses.

What is the natural treatment for swollen belly in Kidney Failure?

1. Medicated Bath Therapy and Foot Bath Therapy, which can help you sweat a lot and stimulate you to urinate so as to reduce fluid retention in body.

2. Enema Therapy. This therapy can improve the function of intestinal tract and lung. When your lung works normally, your kidneys will improve their function to discharge urine.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can stimulate impaired kidney tissues and repair them as well as improve the kidney function through expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation, and preventing inflammation and coagulation as well as degradation.

The above treatments can be used together to make curative effects. They can draw toxins from the body to reduce the workload of kidneys. With the improvement of kidney function, swollen belly and some other symptoms associated with kidney failure will disappear.

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