High Creatinine Became Normal with Toxin-Removing Treatment

2017-03-13 15:42

High Creatinine Became Normal with Toxin-Removing TreatmentMr. Long is a Chinese person from Guizhou province. He was diagnosed with Nephritis one year ago. Due to ignore the treatment, his condition aggravated to Kidney Failure. Finally he accepted Toxin-Removing Treatment in our hospital.

As we all know, the traditional treatment for kidney disease is hormones, which can not treat the disease from the root. When patients get Kidney Failure or ESRD, they will be asked to accept Dialysis or Kidney Transplant. But not all patients want to experience them. In this case, Chinese Herbal Medicine can be a good choice.

Differ from western medicines, Chinese medicines can remove the blood stasis and increase blood flow to kidney. We apply these functions to cleanse blood and kidney intrinsic cells.

Check up in our hospital

His Creatinine level elevated to 186umol/L with some abnormal symptoms, including edema, flustered, poor appetite, high blood pressure, etc.

Our doctor gave him Toxin-Removing Treatment. Through external and internal therapy combine together, the toxins can be removed out via urine, stool and sweat glands. And the Chinese active medicines can also repair the damaged kidney tissues from the root. Gradually renal function starts recovery, and creatinine level will be declined naturally.

Treatment effects of Toxin-Removing Treatment

Through a period of Chinese medicine treatment, his blood pressure became stable, flustered and poor appetite also be relieved. The reexamination showed that creatinine level reduced to 99umol/L, proteinuria normal, and edema disappeared. He was satisfied with the treatment result and expressed that he would take the treatment continuously to consolidate the condition.

Please notice that once you are diagnosed with Kidney Disease, no matter how serious or not, you should take treatment immediately in case it develops to serious stage.

If you have any idea to free from dialysis and live like normal life, please leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free or contact on WhatsApp. We will do utmost to help you. Good luck!

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