Pain In Leg and Numbness Due to Kidney Failure

2016-11-12 11:13

Kidney Failure,Alleviate Pain In Leg and Numbness,Effective TreatmentsIs there any way for Kidney Failure patients to alleviate Pain In Leg and Numbness? Actually they just have to find out the suitable way and know about the reason clearly.

What are the causes and managements of pain in leg due to kidney failure?

Kidney is responsible for maintaining electrolyte balance. When kidney function is affected severely, electrolyte disturbance occurs. And leg pain or bone pain are caused when calcium level in blood becomes lower than the normal range. With leg pain caused by low serum calcium, dietary calcium supplement is necessary.

Another cause for kidney failure patients to suffer from leg pain is muscle cramp which occurs easily in legs. In that case, the following measures will be helpful to relieve leg pain:

1. Have a hot shower before going to bed at night

2. Avoid wearing tight trousers and shoes

3. Massage or stretch leg muscles when leg pain occurs

4. Have regular and mild leg activities

Causes and management of numbness from kidney failure

In cases of kidney failure, there are mainly two causes for them to experience numbness:

1. High blood sugar and high blood pressure

For an individual who develop kidney failure due to Diabetes or Hypertension, he runs a high risk for numbness as persistent high blood sugar or high blood pressure can cause blockage of blood or shortage of blood supply in limbs, which can cause numbness feeling.

2. Nerve damage

When kidney function is impaired, tons of toxins build up in blood, which may cause damage on nerves. Numbness occurs when nerve system is damage.

Of course, if you are kidney failure patient now, effective treatment is also necessary. Maybe you can have a tray about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy.

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