Common Symptoms for Early Stage of Kidney Failure and Effective Treatments

2016-10-23 14:51

Kidney Failure,Common Symptoms,Effective TreatmentsKnow about if you are in the stage of Kidney Failure is very important for patients to take treatment timely. Diagnosis as early as possible will increase the chance of Kidney Failure treatment.

What are the earlier symptoms of kidney failure?

1. Cardiovascular system

Generally, patients will have high blood pressure and heart failure, often feel cardiopalmus and short of breathe. They even can’t lie down. Serious patients will have symptoms like pericardial effusion and sometimes it will block.

2. Nervous system

Patients with kidney failure will usually feel fatigue, headache and giddy, some patients memory will reduce, symptoms like insomnia, urination difficult are commonly appearing, serious patients will be coma.

3. Digestive symptoms

Always feel vomiting and nausea, and urine smell in the mouth.

4. Skin manifestation

Some of them will have desquamation phenomenon, the skin also often feel no luster, sometimes melanin deposited in the skin so that the skin color turns to be darker, edema and skin infection appears.

What are the effective treatments for Kidney Failure?

Besides dialysis and kidney transplant that Chinese medicine treatment can be a new and better choice for kidney failure patients now.

Of course, both of us know about that dialysis and kidney transplant are most effective treatments for kidney failure. While now more and more patients do not want to take them anymore due to several kinds of reasons. Chinese medicine is able to clean toxins in blood with the purpose of eliminating pathogenic factors. Then repair the damage to stop development of kidney failure. Supplement necessary nutrition and blood for kidneys to restore kidney function.

With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Kidney Failure will treat it from root and avoid dialysis or kidney transplant effectively through controlling illness condition well.

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