Control Blood Urea Nitrogen for Kidney Failure Patients Naturally

2016-02-19 17:04

Control Blood Urea Nitrogen for Kidney Failure Patients NaturallyHow to control blood urea nitrogen? The Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN) is one of kinds of the waste which can be discharged by the healthy kidney with the form of urine. While when the normal kidneys are damaged and worsen to kidney failure, they will fail to remove waste out of the body. So with time going on, the blood urea nitrogen will accumulate in the blood and cause more damages to the patients.

What are the harms of high BUN?

The high BUN can cause a lot of harms for kidney failure patients. The most serious one is that it can increase the creatinine level of patients, which can cause further damages to the kidney. And it also can lead to the sodium metabolism disorders, which is so serious to the kidney failure patients. Beside that the high BUN can be decomposed into ammonia, which can make the patients vomiting all the time.

How to control the BUN naturally?

The Medicated Bath, a natural Chinese medical treatment, can help the kidney failure patients control the BUN. Our therapy is mainly composed by the Chinese medical herbs which grow in the nature for a long time. Through a long boiling, these medical herbs can be made into medical bath. the kidney failure patients just need to soak themselves into the hot medical bath. After about one hour soaking , the patients will sweat a lot, and a lot of the Blood Urea Nitrogen will be discharged away by the sweat. What’s more? The hot medicated bath also can promote the whole blood circulation of patients, thus accelerate the metabolism of human body.

The medicated bath in our hospital have helped so many kidney failure patients control the BUN naturally.

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