What Are The Damage Of Proteinuria In Kidney Disease

2018-08-09 16:18

Kidney Disease,ProteinuriaOne of the most common symptoms of nephropathy is Proteinuria, which occurs mostly in patients with Chronic Nephritis and nephrotic syndrome. Protein is an essential substance in the human body, proteinuria occurs means that patients with a large number of proteins with urine discharge, affecting health. What are the dangers of proteinuria in kidney disease?

The damage of proteinuria in nephrosis: the mesangial toxicity of proteinuria, the continuous accumulation of serum proteins in the glomerular mesangial membrane, resulting in damage of mesangial cells, the increase of the mesangial matrix synthesis and the final cause of glomerulosclerosis. The deposition of apolipoprotein A and apolipoprotein B in glomeruli will eventually lead to glomerular sclerosis.

Proteinuria in kidney disease: proteinuria can cause renal failure, mainly due to its inadaptable response to the biological changes of tubular cells. According to the present data, protein can directly regulate the function of tubule, change its growth characteristics and its cytokine and matrix protein phenotype expression, and also release PDGF, FN and MCP-1 in the basal side of the tubule, and induce the fibrosis process.

The toxicity of proteinuria in kidney disease: the toxic effect of proteinuria affects the proximal tubule, increases the amount of protein into the tubular epithelial cells and increases the activity of the lysosome, which indicates that the protein causes the lysosomes to overflow into the tubules, and then leads to the production of inflammation and scars due to the stimulation of the cells. It is also possible to cause hypoxia in the tubulointerstitium, resulting in hypoxia and damage to the tubule cells.

Proteinuria can not only cause a great deal of protein to lose, but also damage the renal tubules and glomeruli. Therefore, we must do a good job of effective prevention and treatment, to avoid the above mentioned nephropathy proteinuria hazards, lest affect your healthy life.

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