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2018-06-07 14:14

High Potassium Level,Kidney Failure,Treatments for Kidney FailureHigh levels of potassium in the blood (called hyperkalemia) is unpredictable and can be life-threatening. It can cause serious heart problems and sudden death.1-3 There are often no warning signs, meaning a person can have high potassium without knowing it.

With the loss of kidney function, Kidney Failure patients are common to experience high potassium level. It is necessary to deal with high potassium level timely and effectively that is because this problem can result in fatal consequence. Now it is time to learn about treatments for kidney failure with high potassium level.

Blood potassium >5.0 indicates potassium imbalance. Arbitrary thresholds are used to indicate degree of severity, such as mild (>5.0), moderate (>5.5), and severe (>6.0).5,7 Clinical severity is determined by the speed of onset, magnitude of the severity, and the development of clinical findings.

Kidney failure patients should know that the dangers of high potassium level. It can include weakness, slow pulse rate, nausea, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, paralysis, arrhythmias, problems with neuromuscular control or cardiac arrest.

Firstly, kidney failure patients should avoid foods containing high potassium level. High-potassium vegetables include yams, spinach, parsnips and tomatoes; high-potassium fruits include bananas, avocados, oranges and nectarines. Other high potassium foods are clams, cod, whole grains, molasses, yogurt and nuts.

While, is it enough to treat high potassium level by healthy diet? Well, the answer is No. Another way to treat high potassium level is to improve kidney function. Then how? In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Chinese medicine therapies including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath, medicated bath, oral Chinese herbal medicine, enema therapy and acupuncture, etc are commonly used to treat kidney failure by improving kidney function. Once kidneys can work again, there is no doubt that high potassium level will be reduced naturally.

Can Chinese medicine therapy help recover renal function for kidney failure patients? Here is an example accepted by the whole world. Suharto, the president of Indonesia, have lost all of the functions of left kidney because of severe kidney stones, and also right kidney shrunk. The local doctors recommended him to remove his kidney, but he insisted on finding a natural treatment instead of an operation. Finally he found Yue meizhong in China who is the primary care doctor of Zhou enlai. After taking oral Chinese herbal medicines for half of year, not only kidney stones were removed out of body, also his right kidney totally recovered its function.

If you are interested in Chinese medicine therapies improving kidney function and still want to know more, choose the way you like to contact us, we will surely reply you within 48 hours. We will be here fighting against the disease together with you, so you are not alone.

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