How to Do for Patients with Creatinine 4.7 and BUN 65 After Kidney Transplant

2015-12-16 17:12

How to Do for Patients with Creatinine 4.7 and BUN 65 After Kidney TransplantGenerally speaking, a well functioning transplanted kidneys can reduce high creatinine and BUN largely. Creatinine 4.7 and BUN 65 are both indicators of kidneys failing to work. At this moment, what to do with high creatinine and BUN after kidney transplant becomes one problem needed to solve urgently.

Normal creatinine and BUN level after kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is usually suggested when both kidneys can’t work properly. If there is matched kidney donor, kidney failure patients can get one new kidney from their relatives or other people. However, even if this kidney is able to work properly in the recipient body, it is not as effective as two healthy kidneys. In clinic, after kidney transplant, patients’ creatinine level is about 1.8-1.9mg/dl, while their BUN level is a little higher than 9-20mg/dl.

Creatinine 4.7 and BUN 65

Both of them are much higher than normal values, so they are more likely to reveal transplanted kidney can’t work as properly as we expect. In this case, some treatments that can lower creatinine and BUN level and protect this new kidney should be received timely.

What treatments can we use?

Three treatment options may be useful to help achieve our purpose.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: This therapy aims to regulate patients’ immune system and protect residual kidney function. Normal immune system can help prevent the body from rejecting transplanted kidneys, and a high level of kidney function is able to eliminate more waste products out of the body; Polluted Blood Therapy: Compared with conventional therapy, polluted blood therapy aims to purify blood completely. This can not only discharge more creatinine and urea from the blood but also provide a good environment for kidney restoration.

These three treatment options are suitable for different patients. Correct use of them can help patient control their condition very well, If you have any question please ask email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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