What Kinds Of Psychological Guidance Are Helpful For Uremia Patients

2018-07-26 15:50

Psychological Guidance,Uremia PatientsCore Tips: uremia is one serious disease, which is threatening patients’ livings. Lots of people die to uremia in all over the world. For some people, they are shocked by uremia diagnosed, which can not be believed.

So for uremia patients, what kinds of psychological guidance should be given?

Psychological problems that are easy to occur in uremia patients

After suffering from uremia, most patients will feel depressed, anxious, nervous, anxious, depressed, and even lose their confidence in life. First of all, we should realize that these psychology is normal and reasonable; secondly, the patient should know the disease, understand the disease on the one hand, and seek the appropriate way to vent the psychology. As the family and friends of the patient, the patient should understand the patient and help the patient to dredge.

Scientific research shows that crying is a good way to vent mental depression and discomfort. In the case of unsatisfactory, depressed, depressed, and so on, if the patient thinks it is necessary to cry a lot, crying will help to alleviate these emotions.

Another important aspect is communication between patients and family members, friends and doctors. Support from family and friends can help patients build confidence and relieve depression. Patients should promptly tell their family members, friends and your doctor about their feelings and thoughts.

Uremia patients should get rid of negative emotions

1. actively communicate with dialysis center or transplant center staff.

2. make a good record of illness and give feedback to family members and doctors in time.

3. take the initiative to understand relevant knowledge (disease, dialysis, transplantation, etc.).

4. actively participate in entertainment, social activities, outdoor activities, etc., take the initiative to arrange their own life and diet.

5. share your feelings with your family and friends.

6. to exchange feelings and experience with the patients.

7. maintain active life attitudes and goals in the context of active treatment, and adjust lifestyle according to treatment.

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