Healthy Diet for Renal Failure with Creatinine 500

2016-01-21 18:51

Food Lists for Renal Failure with Creatinine 500Hi ,any advise how to reduce Creatinine level, I am in the Philippines and my father was told that he has over 500 creatinine level and needs stat dialysis. recently, his excretion in not great. he's been retaining more water. His doctor reduced his water intake but resulted to no bowel movement for 4 days now.

High creatinine level is often regarded as a sign of severely damaged kidneys, so kidney failure patients need to pay attention to their creatinine level and have regular blood test. Renal failure patients can take a kidney-friendly diet which can help them reduce the high creatinine levels. Here is a food lists for renal failure with creatinine 500.

High creatinine level 500 is much higher than the normal level 44-106, this means the kidneys have been damaged very severely, so they should pay attention to their daily diet, which can help them lower their high creatinine level. They should keep a diet based on reducing the kidney burden and protecting the residual kidney function.

First and foremost, it is important to keep a vegetarian diet.

Renal failure patients with creatinine 500 should keep a vegetarian diet, because creatinine is the waste products of the meat we eat. If patients eat more meat, their creatinine in blood will be produced more. Keeping a vegetarian diet can help patients to limit the creatinine produce; Keep a low protein diet, in this way, the creatinine level in blood will not be elevated quickly; limit the fluid intake, which can relieve the swelling and control the high blood pressure. This can help slow down the progression of kidney failure.

Above are the food lists for renal failure with creatinine 500, besides, they should also have effective treatments to lower their high creatinine levels, which can help protect the residual kidney function and improve the kidney function.

Choose your treatment that suitable.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be another treatment option for creatinine level 500 and other high creatinine levels. This treatment aims at saving kidneys by repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function. This treatment is based on Chinese herbal medicines which play very important role during the treatment.

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