Is Fish Good for Kidney Failure Patients

2015-12-24 14:31

Is Fish Good for Kidney Failure Patients As a doctor, we are usually asked about diet for patients with kidney disease, no matter chronic or acute kidney disease, because as known to all, diet control is also one important part of treatment for kidney disease.

Fish is rich in protein and it is said Chronic Kidney Disease patients need to limit protein intake. Therefore, does it mean it is not good for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to eat fish?

Fish is high quality protein food wich can offer our body the basic nutrition and meanwhile produces less wastes. Therefore, generally speaking, they can eat less per day, but how much exactly? It depends on their specific condition. Too much protein is not good for patients with CKD, because blood urea nitrogen (BUN) in patients with kidney disease is usually high, and the end metabolic product of protein is BUN.

However, it still depends. Why? It is like a puzzle, right? Let me explain to you in detail, for example, some patients with nephritic syndrome, their serum albumin level is low, so they will be advised by their doctors to eat more food rich in protein like fish, chicken, etc. so as to supplement albumin in order to increase plasma colloid osmotic pressure. One more thing, the fish here mainly refers to river fish, because generally speaking, it is very common for patients with chronic kidney disease to have high uric acid, and sea fish can increase uric acid further.

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